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Routes to Success

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Brief description of the OER

This is an introductory-level university course module which has been presented over two semesters to students following the University of Southampton Foundation Year programme in Engineering, Physics and Geophysics. It is divided into three parts, namely

     "Getting Started in Higher Education" (Pat Maier),

     "Making Progress" (Martin Counihan) and

     "Sustaining Success" (Su White).

Information about the contents and purpose of "Routes to Success" are in the module specification and in the introduction which can be found in this package. At the University of Southampton, "Routes to Success" has consisted of a series of weekly lectures, material presented online through a virtual learning environment, student coursework presented as a portfolio in three parts, and individual interviews at the end of the module. Some educational resources are intended to be used directly by learners, but others are intended to be used by teachers. "Routes to Success" falls into the second category.

The files included here, therefore, are primarily for the benefit of teachers who may be developing similar modules: they are not “student-friendly” as they stand. There are files in various formats, and some are provided in more than one format. The material has not been “unbranded”, and so it contains references to the University of Southampton, to the “Foundation Year”, and to the staff who have presented the module at Southampton. Any teacher who wishes to use this material elsewhere will no doubt wish to edit it appropriately.

Attribution should be to Pat Maier (Part 1), Martin Counihan (Part 2), and/or Su White (Part 3). Later editions of "Routes to Success" are likely to appear in the future. Users are therefore advised to acquire the most recent edition available at any time.Links to this resource as an OER


eDocs: https://edocs.hull.ac.uk/muradora/objectView.action?parentId=hull%3A2199&type=1&start=30&pid=hull%3A2339

Jorum: http://open.jorum.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/2549


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