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Support for Using JorumOpen

Page history last edited by Tracey Madden 10 years, 6 months ago

At the last meetings with the representatives of the projects partners, who will be doing the uploading, I was able to give a live demonstration of JorumOpen. This included browsing and searching, which illustrated the point that anyone could theoretically do this since no log on was required (so anything that it was not intended that students should have direct access to was, perhaps, not suitable for a completely open repository). Logging on as a depositor illustrated how a prospective depositor was verified through their university affiliation (having a partner outside the UK will mean that, regretably some uploading will have to be done on their behalf).


Help resources were located quickly by going directly to the main Jorum site. The Depositor Guide was used to illustrate a useful way of anticipating what information would be needed when OER were ready to deposit and give confidence that the procedure was being done correctly. The 'vidcasts' were also pointed out especially since they cover every function within JorumOpen that one might need (these can be found on YouTube by searching for 'jorumopen'.) And when all else fails, the email address to access help from a human being was reassuring!


Since OER creators will be uploading their own material, and will be involved in testing the search/browse and download aspects, we will be interested to discover which forms of help they used, if any, when using JorumOpen and if they felt anything additional could be offered.


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